Hi everyone,

I just had the most fun this afternoon, at Jan Yordy Counseling and Consulting’s “Family Celebration and Open House,”  in Waterloo, Ontario. It was an afternoon of fun for all Jan’s clients and families. How nice to see so many families taking time to play with their children! I led the group in Brain Gym® movements and, of course, songs from RONNO’s and my CDs: Catch a Brain Wave Fitness Fun; Smart Fitness, Smart Foods; and Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun.

Homologous clapping

I was surprised how many adults came without children, just to learn about Brain Gym and how they could help their children, grandchildren and the students they teach. Everyone was so eager and participated in all the movements to stimulate the brain. Thank you all!

I am always asked, “Why aren’t all the schools doing Brain Gym?” It’s a great question. It is my dream to bring Brain Gym® to every school. We hope to get kids benefiting from the science of Brain Gym and integrating developmental movement patterns when they do the movements in our songs. When we created these CDs, it was with the intention that teachers and parents can just pop in the CDs and follow the songs. They don’t have to know about Brain Gym or all the science around movement patterns. They can just play the songs, have fun and let the magic happen!

Kids’ version of Hook Up

I love to watch all generations benefiting and playing with the “hook-up” movement. The two children, River and Nahanni, thought it would be fun to show the big doll doing the Hook Up. River, of course, was doing his own hook-up while helping the doll do her hook-up.

Children are the best teachers of what can happen when we give them the creative opportunity.

Liz J.T.

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