Crawling is a critical childhood developmental milestone!

From my personal experience working with school age children, I have noticed there is a definite correlation between children who never crawled, crawled for a very short time, or crawled with a compensation (such as dragging one leg, pushing from only one side, army crawled, slithering on their stomach, bottom shuffling instead of crawling (just to name a few), and children who have academic and movement challenges.
Crawling links up the connections between the right and left hemisphere. This is absolutely critical for learning!  When I see children and adults in private practice, I am always amazed that almost ALL of these individuals who have learning challenges and motor challenges have experienced “different or un-integrated” crawling experiences. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying if your child never crawled they are going to have learning and motor challenges. But from my experience, the correlation is too high not to pay attention to it.
So what can you do?

First, have your child or person you are working with lie on their stomach and watch them crawl. Can they correctly reach with one arm and the opposite leg bending, toes pushing into the floor and pushing them forward? Or do they reach with one arm and the same leg is pushing them forward? 
I read two great articles on the importance of crawling that I want to share with you, because they say exactly what I would want to share with you.

Six reasons why crawling is important By Joanna Bounds

What’s so important about crawling? By Heather Haring, OTR/L, MedCentral Pediatric Therapy


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