Fun Afternoon in the Sun with Settlement Workers from the Waterloo Region YMCA, May 20, 2016

The sun was out, the enthusiastic learners arrived, and the rain stayed away! I want to thank the amazing settlement workers I had the privilege of sharing the afternoon with. Even in the sweltering heat, these fun-loving individuals wanted to learn all they could to help those they work with.  When new Canadians come to Canada, it is these amazing people who help them settle into the community. Often, these workers hear horrific stories about the newcomers’ journeys to Canada. 

brain gymBrain Gym® offers great ways for people to help deal with stress and feel safe. I’m glad the settlement workers were open to learning simple movements like the “Hook up,” perfect to use when the newcomers are recounting their journey to their new country. I suggested that these workers also have the newcomer sit in a hook up when they tell their story to help the body and brain cope with the stress. 

We are lucky to have such dedicated people working with our new families and students. 
Thanks for the lunch and the fun afternoon! 

Liz Jones-Twomey 

Janice Tuling - 
And Pari Karem -

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