I got the idea of creating the “Catch A Brain Wave” resource after I took a course on Developmental Movement Exploration  Patterns with Carol Ann Erickson. This course was one of the recognized Brain Gym® courses. On the 6-hour drive home from the course, I stopped at a Starbucks and started writing the guided movements for the “Catch a Brain Wave” theme song on a napkin. The ideas for the song had been percolating in my head for the past several days. The framework of the song was built around the rationale of supporting developmental movement patterns. The body goes through a series of developmental movement patters starting with Spinal Activation, then Homologous Movement, next Homolateral Movement and finally Contralateral Movement. As each pattern emerges, the other movement pattern provides support and increases the depth of integration in the body and brain.

When I got home, I contacted Ron (aka RONNO) and showed him this song idea and suggested we create a CD with Aerobic routines and songs that include Brain Gym® Movements.  I thought we could combine aerobics/fitness with stimulating the whole brain and supporting developmental movement patterns. Children could be working out and at the same time purposefully be stimulating their brain and body. That is how all this got started.

Next entry: explaining the developmental movement patterns and how to use them in your class or early years’ center.

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