You may not know this, but in addition to being a full-time primary teacher, I am also one of the Canadian trainers for Michael Grinder’s “ENVoY”, a Classroom Management Program.

I am excited that Michael is coming to Kitchener, Ontario to work with the principals in the Waterloo Region District School Board, Jan. 23 & 24. I am fortunate to be his special guest. I currently teach ENVoY to 50 new teachers from the WRDSB in a 4-part after school course.

Michael has a great blog that can be found at http://www.michaelgrinder.com/category/envoy/

Michael talks about the PAUSE being one of the most powerful techniques a teacher can use. I am guessing it is also a great technique for parents.

“If you say something, then pause, you will appear more intelligent.”

Who knew being smart could be so easy! Try it and see what happens. You don’t have to pause long, but long enough to get someone’s attention. Often we say something and quickly say our next thought. But if you wait and actually pause, and then share the next thought, you do appear more intelligent. Give it a try.

Michael teaches doing a skill wrong and then doing “recovery.” So try doing the above skill wrong (i.e., don’t pause after speaking), and then do it correctly (i.e., speak, then pause, and speak again). Did you notice the difference?  Play with this skill and see what happens. What have you got to lose?! Nothing!

Liz Jones-Twomey

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