Summer Learning: Getting Ready to Move to a blended grade 1/grade 2 class in September

I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer. I have actually taken some time off and have had a little rest. It has been wonderful! I hope you have taken some time also to enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been having. 
Last week I went to a fantastic workshop in Stratford Ontario, presented by Eric and Kristen Wideen, and called, “Innovate with the iPad.” It was a 3-day course full of amazing things that can be done with the iPad. Kristen’s book is full of wonderful, easy-to-follow ideas for the primary classroom. I am excited about how I can incorporate Brain Gym® and Rhythmic Movements in to my new job assignment (as a grades one and two teacher at Wilson Avenue School in Kitchener, ON) using this technology. 
Two terrific iPad apps I love for primary students are “Draw and Tell” and “Explain Everything.” Both Apps are free for download from the Apple iTunes store. They are easy-to-follow programs that I think students can be successful using. “Draw and Tell” has a microphone where students can explain their thinking to you verbally. I am going to jump into these two applications early in the fall to teach the students about changing their mindset about learning and look at new ways they can learn. We will be exploring how Brain Gym® and Rhythmic movements help us with our learning. We will also be exploring bullying and what they can do to prevent bullying. Stay tuned! It is even my plan to have our own You Tube channel so you can see videos of children in action! 
See you soon. 
Liz Jones-Twomey 

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