Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR): Games to help develop a sense of balance and stimulate the vestibular system

Hello friends, 
I have to apologize for taking so long to post a blog. I have been very busy in recent weeks preparing for and presenting the following courses: 
1. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Intro & Developmental Movement Patterns 

The workshop examined students in our classrooms who may have one or more of these developmental issues: 

  • ADD/ ADHD                                    
  • Behavior challenges 
  • Self-regulation issues                    
  • Language delays 
  • Sensory integration disorders  
  • Lack of Confidence     
  • Motor challenges   
  • Constant felling of stress, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed 
  • Dyslexia and other vision, reading and writing challenges 

In these mini-courses we examined why children have challenges with fine and gross motor skills, stress, anxiety and self-regulation from the brain perspective, and which reflexes are not integrated. We went through a series of movements to teach how to integrate the reflexes with students and show how to incorporate these movements in games into your program. I taught guided movement songs that can be done in your class to reinforce these skills. I am choosing the movements and reflexes I think are most critical for JK, SK and early primary students that can easily be incorporated into your program. 

2. A two- part workshop on Brain Gym/ Developmental Movements and Blomberg Rhythmic Movements (for DECE Designated Early Childhood Educators, Waterloo Region District School Board) 
Amazing involvement and 2 evenings of fun and laughter! Thanks to everyone for being eager participants and battling the snow!! The students in your kindergarten classes are lucky to have such dedicated teachers. 

3. Activities to support Integration of the Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) 

The function of the TLR is to link the vestibular sense to the proprioceptive senses, which receive stimuli from the muscles, tendons and joints of the body to develop a sense of balance

The following are 3 games you can play with your children/students to help integrate the TLR. 

“Superman” Game: 

Raise head, chest and arms as if you are flying like superman. Elongate your body and arms. Look up high for other superheroes flying with you. 

Superman pose

Participants are lifting their chest to help integrate the Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR) to help strengthen the neck muscles and coordinate movements

Max and Leo working on their TLR in gym class

Clapping with Friends:
With a partner, both lying on their stomach facing each other, lift up chest and play patty cake or cross-lateral clapping game. 
Feather on a String:  
Raise head and chest from the floor and count to ten (You can use a variety of blow toys such as a windmill.) 



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