Tuesdays with Twomey Introduction

Welcome back.

Life has been busy to say the least. In my last blog... way back, I was entering into a new teaching opportunity. I was assigned a Blended Grade One and Two teaching position at a high-needs school. The fall term was incredibly challenging! The dynamics of the students in my class, the writing of Individual Education Plans, doctor referrals, ROMs for my ESL students, and trying to find ways to effectively teach all my students amounted to a workload that was incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming. 

It was clear to me in November that, if I was going to be successful, I had to find a new way of teaching these students. More than at any time in my career I was understanding why teachers sometimes need to take a stress leave. It became very clear to me that the learning challenges presented in this class required a different teaching style. My conclusion was that I had to embrace technology as a way to “hook” all my learners and meet them at their level of learning. We started using the iPad app, “Explain Everything” and “Pic Collage” to share what we were learning about how the brain works. 
In talking with other teachers, I learned that several were experiencing the same challenges in their classrooms. I wanted to be able to share with other teachers things they could do to help their students with self-regulation. I have been using Brain Gym® exercises and Blomberg Rhythmic Movements to help students focus and make learning easier. One evening, talking with a colleague and former student, Rachel Pauls, she suggested I should go live on Facebook and show others what I am doing in the class. So, of course I jumped on the idea with absolutely no idea how to execute it! On December 5, 2016, I launched Tuesdays with Twomey. The idea was to go live every Tuesday at 10 am for 10 minutes to show teachers and parents movements and songs they can use to help children focus and make learning easier. 
I hope you find the Tuesdays with Twomey sessions to be helpful with the children you interact with, whether they are your own child or children you teach/care for. 
If you have any suggestions for future episodes, I would love to hear them. 

Have a great spring, 

Liz Jones-Twomey 

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