Tuesdays with Twomey - "Passive Stimulation from the Knees" & Do the Dragon Song

"Passive Stimulation from the Knees" is a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement exercise. The goal is for person laying down to bend their knees and gently push rhythmically towards the head. In our video, the grade one and two students are placing their hands just above the knees on the thighs and pulling rhythmically. It is important this movement be done gently to not hurt the neck. The movement should see a gentle nodding of the neck tucking in. It helps to integrate spinal reflexes such as Spinal Galant and Spinal Pereze. The goal is for the individual laying down to actively push from their feet and reach with their head in a rhythmical manner. Individuals with Downs Syndrome and those with neck injuries, who do not have strong neck muscles, should NOT do this exercise. This movement stimulates the Brain Stem and Cerebellum and arouses the cortex to help with impulse control and executive functioning. Individuals with ADHD and focus challenges would benefit with this gentle stimulation.

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