Tuesdays with Twomey - Hand Grasp Reflex Part 2

Watch as students in a grade 1 and 2 class show you how you can strengthen your hand grasp reflex to make printing easier. This is a fun exercise students can do with each other in the classroom.

Tuesdays With Twomey - The "Muscle Hustle" Song

Join our class and have some fun working your muscles with a song from our "Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun" CD.

BENEFITS: This selection helps integrate basic movement patterns. The more practice the learner has with patterns of any type, the better the brain becomes at recognizing patterns and using them.


Tuesdays With Twomey - Grasp Reflex Part 1

If the Grasp Reflex is not fully integrated, Dr. Harald Blomberg believes a child may have challenges with:

  • motor control of hands
  • poor handwriting
  • poor or unusual pencil grip
  • tendency to hold the pencil or pen too tightly
  • tension in the shoulders, making writing difficult

Enjoy these fun activites the Grade one and two students at Wilson Avenue school teach you.

Tuesdays With Twomey - "I Can Dance" Action Song

This fun, whimsical song encourages free-dance exploration and listening skills (as children respond to directions in the song). Movement empowers learners, decreases stress, and stimulates communication throughout the brain. Aerobic activity not only increases blood flow to the brain, but also increases recall and reasoning skills.


Tuesdays With Twomey - Eye Activities for Reading

Enjoy this 9-minute video where we show you techniques to help the eyes track together to improve reading. We also show you an activity to help your eyes relax after working so hard reading.

Tuesdays With Twomey - "Jump Up"

Join us for a fun 4 minute song that is easy to follow and will keep your students awake and ready to learn! If they want to go to sleep, we say, "Hey no way!"


Tuesdays With Twomey - Eye Accommodation

Today we are going to show you a fun way to strengthen the eyes for reading. All you need is a string about 5-6 feet long with 4-5 beads. Have the first bead about 12 inches or 30 cm from the child's nose as this is the normal reading distance. Encourage the students to look at the beads at different distances to encourage the eyes to work together at near and far distances.


Tuesdays With Twomey - Yoga With Emma

Today we show you some calming yoga techniques with my student teacher Emma Duke. If you need a 5 minute calming activity, this is the episode for you. It is easy and fun for primary students to follow. Have a great, calm day!


Tuesdays With Twomey - Moro Reflex and Self Regulation Calming Techniques

The "Moro Reflex Self Integration" is a great technique created by Dr. Harald Blomberg. You could use this technique to help students feel calm and safe. Simply have the child lie on their back and bring their knees up to the chest. They then cross arms and gently press on their knees while lifting their head, and tucking in their chin. The second part of the integration is to have the individual gently PULL their knees, without moving their legs and keeping their head down on the floor with a slightly tucked in chin. It is important to teach children calming techniques so they can regulate their own behaviour.

Tuesdays With Twomey - Catch a Brain Wave

Join some Grade One and Two students at Wilson Avenue school who are having fun in the fall moving to the energetic RONNO and Liz Jones-Twomey song, "Catch a Brain Wave."


Featuring "brain-based" physical fitness resources used by the NYC Departments of Education and Health as a part of their cutting-edge Move-to-Improve program.



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