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Developmental Movement -- Head start for baby/toddler: Part 2 

Hi! We're so excited to bring you another educational video to teach you some fun movements you can do with a baby or young toddler.

It's so important to spend time integrating all the developmental movement patterns that I've written about in our earlier posts. We wanted to put together this educational video for you to see what is possible. Throughout the video you will see labels telling you what type of developmental movement is being demonstrated.

If you like the song ("It's Been A Really Good Day"), you…Read more

The Importance of Developing the Crawling Reflex 

In response to my post on Contralateral Movements, a reader asked a question about his infant son learning to crawl. I thought I would share my response as a new post since this information is valuable to parents and anyone working with babies.

Hello Kevin,
I am very glad you read this particular post. As a personal trainer, I know you get the value of purposeful movement to achieve results. I was a fitness instructor for 20 years teaching, both in the gym and in the…Read more


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