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This post continues my explanation of the rationale of the movements we put into our routines.

The body goes through a series of developmental movement patterns, starting with Spinal Activation, then Homologous Movement, next Homolateral Movement, and finally Contralateral Movement. As each movement pattern emerges, the other movement pattern provides support and increases the depth of integration in the body and brain.

In previous posts I have explained the first three movement patterns (SpinalHomologo

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Kindergarten class in Quito, Ecuador

Homolateral Movements are probably the movements I spend the most time developing in my daily Brain Gym® Club. Each morning about 140 kids come to the gym after announcements to do about 20 minutes of Brain Gym and to join in movements from songs from our various CDs.

This is a picture of a little boy in the kindergarten class in Quito, Ecuador, showing me his best Homolateral movement when I presented and taught there a few years ago. I love that he dressed up for the…

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Featuring "brain-based" physical fitness resources used by the NYC Departments of Education and Health as a part of their cutting-edge Move-to-Improve program.



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