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Tuesdays With Twomey - Eye Accommodation 

Today we are going to show you a fun way to strengthen the eyes for reading. All you need is a string about 5-6 feet long with 4-5 beads. Have the first bead about 12 inches or 30 cm from the child's nose as this is the normal reading distance. Encourage the students to look at the beads at different distances to encourage the eyes to work together at near and far distances.

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Tuesdays with Twomey - Green Screen Rhythmic Movements 

Mrs. Jones-Twomey's class used the iPad app "Green Screen" to create this amazing presentation. The students thought it would be fun to travel around the world with Mrs. J.T. and teach others how to do Rhythmic Movements. The backdrops are pictures the students chose of either the country they came from, or the location where we have viewers watching "Tuesdays with Twomey" on Facebook. The Rhythmic Movements we are using came from Harold Blomberg's work, Integrating reflexes using these fun movements.

Tuesdays with Twomey - Windscreen Wipers 2 

Windscreen Wipers 2 is another Blomberg Rhythmic Movement exercise that helps stimulate the cerebellum and activate the neo cortex. This symmetrical movement helps bring awareness of the midline of the body when toes touch. They also assist with integration of the left and right hemisphere. Best done with feet about 10 cm or 4 inches apart. Emphasis on the movement is for it to be smooth, symmetrical and rhythmical.

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Liz is now a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Trainer (BRMT) and Consultant  

In my last blog I mentioned that I would discuss further the importance of crawling. I apologize for taking a few months to write another blog; to say I have been busy is a huge understatement. I have been teaching kindergarten full time, writing case studies, taking Rhythmic Movement classes and co-teaching classes in the U.S. and Canada with Dr. Harold Blomberg, to become an International Rhythmic Movement Consultant and Trainer.
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