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Tuesdays with Twomey - Navel Radiation and Catch a Brain Wave 

Liz presents navel radiation and "Catch a Brain Wave" to her students. This exercise helps children with both homolateral and contralateral movement. Homolateral movement helps children develop a sense of side (left and right seperately), and contralateral movement helps them connect left and right sides of the body. 

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Kids-Move Introductory Course goes to Hong Kong 

In mid-March of this year (2016) I was fortunate to travel to Hong Kong to introduce The Kids-Move Introductory Course in partnership with Frontier Teaching and Therapy Consultancy.
It was great to work with the 4 remarkable people pictured below, from left to right: Teddy, Shan Shan, me, Alice and Chasa. This amazing group had the vision to bring music, movement, and brain-based techniques to Hong Kong to help make learning easier for children. It was also fun sharing so many evenings enjoying Dim sum and…

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Moving with my Kindies 

Well folks, I took the plunge and moved to a new school and a new grade!!! I have taught every level from grade 1 to grade 8, so I thought it was time to venture into Kindie land! I am teaching a Junior/Senior combined Kindergarten class  – and I love it! At first it was a little scary; am I going to survive those little ankle biters? Well, I am happy to announce not one little Kindie friend I teach has tried to bite my ankles! 
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Hi there. I’ve written separate posts about the four key developmental movement patterns (contralateralhomolateralhomologous and spinal). Now I’m going to explain how they work together to help integrate brain and body.

I hope the last blog wasn’t too technical. I find I learn better when I put concepts into analogies and then create pictures to show the concept visually. Here goes my analogy of the brain:

Imagine this is what your brain looks like, with the two hemispheres apart from each other.  (They…

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Kindergarten class in Quito, Ecuador

Homolateral Movements are probably the movements I spend the most time developing in my daily Brain Gym® Club. Each morning about 140 kids come to the gym after announcements to do about 20 minutes of Brain Gym and to join in movements from songs from our various CDs.

This is a picture of a little boy in the kindergarten class in Quito, Ecuador, showing me his best Homolateral movement when I presented and taught there a few years ago. I love that he dressed up for the…

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