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Tuesdays with Twomey - Brain Gym for Math 

The following Brain Gym movements help activate the brain so the learner can access internalized math concepts about space, quantities and relationships. The Calf Pump and the Gravity Glider activate the brain for back-front brain integration and increased visual attention. The Elephant activates long and short term memory and crosses the auditory midline (including skills of attention, recognition, perception, and memory).

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Summer Learning: Getting Ready to Move to a blended grade 1/grade 2 class in September 

I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer. I have actually taken some time off and have had a little rest. It has been wonderful! I hope you have taken some time also to enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been having. 
Last week I went to a fantastic workshop in Stratford Ontario, presented by Eric and Kristen Wideen, and called, “Innovate with the iPad.” It was a 3-day course full of amazing things that can be done with the iPad. Kristen’s book is full of wonderful, easy-to-follow ideas for the…

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Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR): Games to help develop a sense of balance and stimulate the vestibular system 

Hello friends, 
I have to apologize for taking so long to post a blog. I have been very busy in recent weeks preparing for and presenting the following courses: 
1. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Intro & Developmental Movement Patterns 

The workshop examined students in our classrooms who may have one or more of these developmental issues: 

  • ADD/ ADHD                                    
  • Behavior challenges 
  • Self-regulation issues                    
  • Language delays 
  • Sensory integration…

Crawling is a critical childhood developmental milestone! 

From my personal experience working with school age children, I have noticed there is a definite correlation between children who never crawled, crawled for a very short time, or crawled with a compensation (such as dragging one leg, pushing from only one side, army crawled, slithering on their stomach, bottom shuffling instead of crawling (just to name a few), and children who have academic and movement challenges.
Crawling links up the connections between the right and left hemisphere. This is absolutely…Read more


Featuring "brain-based" physical fitness resources used by the NYC Departments of Education and Health as a part of their cutting-edge Move-to-Improve program.



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