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Kids-Move Introductory Course goes to Hong Kong 

In mid-March of this year (2016) I was fortunate to travel to Hong Kong to introduce The Kids-Move Introductory Course in partnership with Frontier Teaching and Therapy Consultancy.
It was great to work with the 4 remarkable people pictured below, from left to right: Teddy, Shan Shan, me, Alice and Chasa. This amazing group had the vision to bring music, movement, and brain-based techniques to Hong Kong to help make learning easier for children. It was also fun sharing so many evenings enjoying Dim sum and…

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Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex (TLR): Games to help develop a sense of balance and stimulate the vestibular system 

Hello friends, 
I have to apologize for taking so long to post a blog. I have been very busy in recent weeks preparing for and presenting the following courses: 
1. Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Intro & Developmental Movement Patterns 

The workshop examined students in our classrooms who may have one or more of these developmental issues: 

  • ADD/ ADHD                                    
  • Behavior challenges 
  • Self-regulation issues                    
  • Language delays 
  • Sensory integration…

Liz presenting at PHE and HPEC 2015 National Conference 

I am so excited to be heading out west to present at the PHE and HPEC 2015 National Conference, “A Physical Literacy Uprising!” in Banff, Alberta, April 30th – May 2, 2015 (PHE:  Physical and Health Education Canada; and HPEC: The Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta).
The workshop is called:
Catch A Brain Wave: Building Efficient Brains With Physical Activity And Smart Foods
Session Language: English
Physically Active? Yes
Strand: Physical Education/Physical Literacy
Presenters: Greg Rickwood &Read more

Literacy and Pencil Grip 

All Primary/ECE teachers need to know what I’ll be sharing here. And with regard to movement, please read to the end, where I promise you’ll find an important connection with my usual focus on music and movement. 

I was fortunate recently to attend three amazing workshops focusing on literacy and child development at the “For the Love of Literacy Conference” in Burlington, Ontario. The one I want to talk about right now was called, “Are They Ready to Write,” presented by two Occupational Therapists: Jennifer…Read more

Brain Gym: 5 Key Points to Remember 

I had a great time last night with the Waterloo Region District School Board DECE (Developmental Educational Childcare Educators). You guys rock! The fact that you gave up your entire evening to come to a workshop on Brain Gym - I applaud you. I hope you had fun learning ways to help your students focus. You were all great sports. Thanks for joining in all the partner activities.

Key points to remember when implementing Brain Gym techniques in the classroom:
  1. Lengthening muscles helps you focus. 
  2. Bend…

Strategies for dealing with mental health issues in the classroom: Part 1 

I was fortunate in June 2014 to be invited to co-present at the International Council on Education for Teaching 58th World Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario. Dr. Greg Rickwood (from Nipissing University) and I presented a workshop entitled:
Mental Health Movement: An Examination of Active Student Bodies Contributing to Active Minds
Dr. Rickwood and I have both been greatly concerned that we are seeing a high number of children in our elementary schools with anxiety and other mental health issues. I have been…Read more


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