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Tuesdays with Twomey - Cat Arches for STNR and Spinal Galant Integration 

Do you have students who sit in the "w" position or have their legs tucked underneath themselves to keep their body upright? Do they have difficulty with accommodation and focusing at short and long distances (getting information from the board, back to their paper?). Join us as we show you how to do "Cat Arches" to strengthen muscle tone in the back for better posture, improved attention, and increased concentration.

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Tuesdays with Twomey - Babkin Reflex, Rocking on Hands and Knees 

Do your children have any of the following challenges: poor motor control of hands; low muscle tone in the hands; over flexible fingers; tying shoelaces or doing up buttons is a challenge; poor printing or handwriting; challenges with speech and articulation? If you said YES to any of these challenges, here is a fun 7-minute video from students in a grade 1 and 2 class to show you fun ways to help integrate the Babkin Reflex. This episode shows the exercise: "Rocking on Hands and Knees." 

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Tuesdays With Twomey - Moro Reflex and Self Regulation Calming Techniques 

The "Moro Reflex Self Integration" is a great technique created by Dr. Harald Blomberg. You could use this technique to help students feel calm and safe. Simply have the child lie on their back and bring their knees up to the chest. They then cross arms and gently press on their knees while lifting their head, and tucking in their chin. The second part of the integration is to have the individual gently PULL their knees, without moving their legs and keeping their head down on the floor with a slightly tucked in chin. It is important to teach children calming techniques so they can regulate their own behaviour.

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