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Strategies for dealing with mental health issues in the classroom: Part 2 

In my previous blog, I discussed the effects of anxiety on our students. We know that stress affects the brain. In the article, 
Effect of Stress on the Brain , the writers suggest,
 “Stress is rooted in basic survival instincts known as the "fight or flight" response, which triggers chemicals in the brain and body designed to help us manage a threatening situation.”
This “fight or flight” response occurs in the Brain Stem. When RONNO and I design our songs, we purposefully create movements to stimulate the…Read more

Connection Makes Learning Stick 

I just listened to a great “Ted Talks Education” presentation given by Rita F. Pierson. 

Rita spoke about the value of making connections with our students, reminding us that learning is not going to stick if you haven’t made a connection with your students. It really is all about building relationships. Think back to your schooling. Who are the teachers that made a difference for you? Did they build a relationship with you or let you know that you were special?
Rita’s daily mantra that the students repeated…Read more


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