...by award-winning
children's recording artists,
educators, & entertainers,
RONNO & Liz Jones-Twomey

"I've started incorporating the music and movements from Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun and the Smart Fitness Workout into our lunchtime games club. The kids absolutely love it! What fantastic resources!"  

~ Kelly Cooper-Galessiere, Educational Therapist


"Liz Jones-Twomey is a gifted presenter! Liz has the ability to make learning dynamic and relevant to therapists and caregivers." 

~ Paula Nowak, Principal, Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board, Ontario


"Thank you for a fabulous [RONNO] performance. The kids were so happy, and the feedback from parents has been wonderful!"  

~ Kristin Moilanen, Parent-Teacher Council, Alameda Childhood Center, Farmington Hills, MI


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Featuring "brain-based" physical fitness resources used by the NYC Departments of Education and Health as a part of their cutting-edge Move-to-Improve program.



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