Liz says: "I’m so pleased to be presenting at this International conference about BRMT!" To learn more about the amazing conference and GOLD Learning ONline Education programs, check out their site using the links below!

GOLD Learning Online Education is with BRMT Canada. Join us at the GOLD Learning Early Years Online Symposium 2023 with Liz Jones-Twomey, MSW, OTR/L!
"Rhythmic Movements: A Second Chance to Integrate Primitive Reflexes" connects you to new evidence-based research and insights! You'll learn about the critical developmental movement patterns, the 3 Blomberg Rhythmic Movements that support integration of the primitive reflexes, and the link between unintegrated primitive reflexes and challenges with behaviour in young children.
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ROCKIN' REFLEX WEBINAR: Supporting Self-Regulation & Reflex Integration (using movement-to-music videos) - with Liz Jones-Twomey


After being away from school routines for so long due to COVID 19, we know children may struggle with self-regulation and learning with new structures and expectations. Liz is here to help you better support your students to feel safe, self-regulate, and improve their ability to focus on learning.



Come experience Liz Jones-Twomey's lively and informative, Rockin' Reflex Webinar!



- Highly engaging movement songs to stream in your traditional classroom (while maintaining social distancing) or digital platform 
- New ideas for self-regulation
- Fun transitions that kids will love
- Purposeful movement breaks and activities




 Featuring 4 dynamic movement-to-music VIDEOS (available as streams) supporting self-regulation and reflex integration. These movements make learning easier and improve reading and writing skills, while stimulating the brainstem and neo cortex to help with focusing and calming.