ROCKIN' REFLEX WEBINAR: Supporting Self-Regulation & Reflex Integration (using movement-to-music videos) - with Liz Jones-Twomey


After being away from school routines for so long due to COVID 19, we know children may struggle with self-regulation and learning with new structures and expectations. Liz is here to help you better support your students to feel safe, self-regulate, and improve their ability to focus on learning.



Come experience Liz Jones-Twomey's lively and informative, Rockin' Reflex Webinar!



- Highly engaging movement songs to stream in your traditional classroom (while maintaining social distancing) or digital platform 
- New ideas for self-regulation
- Fun transitions that kids will love
- Purposeful movement breaks and activities




 Featuring 4 dynamic movement-to-music VIDEOS (available as streams) supporting self-regulation and reflex integration. These movements make learning easier and improve reading and writing skills, while stimulating the brainstem and neo cortex to help with focusing and calming. 




Presented by Liz Jones-Twomey, International Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Instructor, ENVoY Classroom Management trainer, and recently retired elementary teacher from the Waterloo Region District School Board in Canada - with over 30 years of experience! 

Liz’s enthusiastic presentation style provides for plenty of hands-on, practical experiences for participants, as well strategies and fun activity ideas that can be integrated easily into your classroom/program. 

She has been a featured speaker on 4 continents and is a co-creator of award-winning movement-to-music recordings.

Liz has been honoured with the prestigious International Teaching Through Movement Award for her work with Brain Gym® and ‘best practice’ teaching strategies. She was presented with the W.T. Townshend Award of Excellence for her innovative teaching style. Over the course of her career, Liz has devoted a great deal of time and effort to expanding her knowledge of “brain-based” movement.





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